About the founder of Currentstation



Jake Lemmerman is the Founder of Currentstation media company. Jake provides constructive insight for hundreds of businesses each year to help them focus on their company growth through branded content and advertising strategies. 



Jake Lemmerman originally was born in Des Moines, Iowa but moved at age 7 to Hurricane, West Virginia. Jake Lemmerman attended college at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Jake currently operates his business Currentstation in Miami, Florida. 


“So, during my time at Marshall University, I saw outdated teachings in business school, so I decided to start my own business and use more current methods." Jake started a brand called Currentstation media which reports college sports news, current events, and upcoming players (influencers). Currentstation provides brands with consulting strategies, social media advertisement, and visual media services. 

“I’m a business operator, but I think my personality, and spirituality in my content definitely creates confusion. But the thing I’m most proud of is that I’m ‘legit’, in todays world there are too many people faking it which ultimately fuels my fire to build the biggest and greatest company that's values is built on authenticity,” says Jake. “The closer you are to me and the more you know my truth, the more “legit” you’d know I am. I believe God put us here for a purpose and gave us all unique gifts. I do everything with love and want to inspire more people to take that same approach”